TelemetryTV Announces Exciting New Features

This week our hardworking product team at TelemetryTV announced a big release.  It includes a NEW applications library, big enhancements to the media manager, and a sizeable improvement to our user interface. 

Meet the NEW App Library in TelemetryTV

Applications become a new pillar of the TelemetryTV platform giving users turnkey visuals and dynamic content for their displays.  Apps fill the entire screen and can tell more visually complex stories than standard digital signage or dashboards. 

TelemetryTVs Apps reduce noise and show only essential information helping create clear and compelling messages or calls to action.  With Apps, the data sources are fully integrated and the setup is easy.  Our initial app release is comprised of 9 new Apps with more on the way, check them out by logging into TelemetryTV.  

 Picture of the Weather App. 

Picture of the Weather App. 

Want to use your own app on TelemetryTV?

TelemetryTV now offers custom web application support so that you may write your own tailored solution while leveraging the power of TelemetryTV's advanced display platform. Custom apps allow you to create solutions for your particular use case and distribute access to your solution to displays via the TelemetryTV application. 


Whether you’re running your own web-based interactive kiosk application or very specific digital signage visualisations - you can use custom app support when TelemetryTV’s standard feature set doesn’t meet your use case.  Custom apps are a powerful way to meet the functionality and performance you desire while leveraging all the awesome display management infrastructure TelemetryTV has built. 

Learn more about custom apps in our documentation. 

We’ve made two big improvements to the Media Manager. 

  1. Users can upload and broadcast Powerpoint decks or PDFs with ease to their managed displays. Now when you upload a Powerpoint or PDF file to TelemetryTV, the media manager will parse each slide or page and save it as a .png image file in the sequence it was uploaded.  
  2. Users can now upload images or videos in batches to the media manager. 

Last but not least… TelemetryTV gets a facelift. 

TelemetryTV keeps getting better with age.  We’ve enhanced our user interface by adding visual thumbnails to the playlist for quick referencing. 

We’ve also added a digital signage and dashboard template library with thumbnails to the board editor section.  Finally, menus have been augmented to be more user friendly and intuitive. 

Sign into TelemetryTV to explore the new features. 

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